Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wild rabbit.

i like these things.

All of that cotton probably hurt. what an excellent faker.

where is shirley's cape?

probably my favorite ears ever.

As of late, i pretty much love it when i hear anyone say anything. like i hardly, if ever, get annoyed with anything anyone says. i feel like i never really did, but i definitely do not now. Even when people say the dumbest things, i just find humor in it and miraculously dont even make a judgment on the idiot who said it. i kind of just think they are smart or funny for coming up with something so stupid, thinking about it without immediate dismissal, and letting it pass their lips. This may or may not sound sarcastic, but i assure you, it is not.

In The Crossroads on Friday, i sat doing logic homework and simultaneously listening to the conversations of aliens around me. Amid the strangeness, i heard this sweet sentence, "I feel weird not having a treat! Every time he has come over i've had a treat."

I now have trouble analyzing such statements or even attempting to judge how stupid it is, how sad they are, or how fearful i am for society, due to the fact that they are so funnyyyy and soo gooood.

Another blissful dropped eve occurred in math 108 on Friday. (for those who don't know, math 108 is officially titled 'math for the real world.' The social structure of the class is strangely similar to being a regular-aged college student sitting in on a 10th grade algebra II class (but with less difficult material.)) Anyway, i arrived to class early. A girl and a boy sitting behind me engaged in conversation.

He asked simply and politely, "How are you?" She was somehow slyly able to replace a normal, simple, polite answer with a magical story. "His name is Bill. He led me on for three weeks. We like hung out, held hands, whatever. Then like three weeks later he just slowly started talking to me less. And apparently he started hanging out with other girls..." By this time the girl next to interesting girl had joined in giving advice. They both agreed and mentally forced boy to agree on certain arbitrary and slightly frightening points of the story. "I mean, who thinks they can hang out with multiple girls at one time? It is not like that in California at all! Why do us Californians think differently?"

A) i stopped listening when she said 'us Californians' instead of 'we Californians.' B) i have the good parts of this story properly stored because when i hear people say interesting things, i text them to myself. C) what delusional sort of person is this that assumed that her and bill were exclusively dating without an exchange of verbiage. D) Bill just thought he liked you then three weeks later decided he didn't like you so much, crazy. E) Good thing she is in this problem-solving class; she needs it. F) I swear on my life that i am not being sarcastic; i find this human and her words to be interesting, funny and intelligent.

That is all

oh if i do not mention kristin, i will be harmed.


Kristin + Mouth Sounds.

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Spencer said...

her and bill. not she and bill.