Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Why ever would we not be looking at these beautiful spring fashions the moment it turns cold. (literally, this morning was the first in which i thought i was going to be unable to get out from under my blankets.) Nonetheless, the clothes-making world wants us to be confused, so here we are.

Erdem Spring 2011

Usually, Erdem is incredbly momish. not that this isn't, but it's a little less and i am completely in love with the sheer and the lace and the collars and the floral. I'm never a fan of the wrap-up ballet shoes, but what else would they use for this springy tea party thing? i guess it's excusble. And maybe this is still momish, but im pretty sure it is what kortney and I will be wearing as we play in our fields and hang out on our (separate) wrap-around porches. (until our husbands die then it will be the same wrap-around porch.)

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