Tuesday, March 29, 2011

some of us have to be our own grandmother.

AHhhh, nauticism.

One of summer fashion's great wonders. Everyone loves nautical clothes once the weather permits one to do nauical things. I, on the other hand, love boaty sailor things for a different reason. I feel like if i act all sailorey and goldey and collect all these things and sit with them, i may turn into a fish. This would make me sooo happy because then i could do wet stuff and hang out with Mary-Kate. Mary-Kate is treven's fish. He (Mary-Kate, not trevor) is the best gold fish of all time. Once, he came alive and grew lungs and got bigger and came out of his bowl and wore a top hat and danced wih a cane. So obv, i would love to mad things with him.
In addition to the dream of spending more mutually-satisfactory time with Mary-Kate, it will probably help us get in the proper mindset to create our solution to the BP oil spill. We are going to suggest that they manufacture miniature submarines and anti-gravity surmarines for every animal in the gulf. Then the water will be dirty and will separate, but all the animals will be nice and clean and metal.
Oh, sorry in advance about the length of the boreboxes. I just cant narrow things down. i mean, im sure that's why people don't read my blog.

why is this old hand crowding my ring?

salt and peppers.

literally, marry me.
my sweeeetie roomate taylor's engagment pictures.
nautical as ever.

sorry, but mmmmm to nautical lingerie.

yves saint laurent WOULD make me something this koool.

Paris 36.

my obsession and my love, elinklan.

uhkay bye.

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