Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i need to clear my thoughtsicles.

Sometimes it weirds me when people say things that are so incredibly obvious. (I am saying this while assuming that this is one of those things.) Not as in like 'ohh the lakers won something or other.' thats more than obvious. More like when someone says something like 'music says things in a different way than words.' or even 'i love music.' It makes me think you are handicap. I mean, im sure there may be people out there that dont love music. (i guess? i dont know any.) but if you are a twenty year old hipster, writing a blog about hipster things, to be read by hipsters, there is literally no need to say that you love music.

Things that are implied in their definition just dont really need to be voiced. Maybe it would be worth saying if you were a hipster and didnt like music, or a fish and never got sick of being in water all the time, or a stick of deoderant that didnt wish you were face wash, or a nigerian enjoying the weather in Rexburg, or something of the sort. I know i dont make sense, and i know this literally doesnt matter at all, and i do it, and everyone does it, but someone just annoyed me so i thought id point it out.

Here is something that ISNT obvious, my keyboard is broken and will randomly not process keys when i press them. It has therefore been quite difficult to type this. Another shocker, the aztek has been towed - for being parked in two spaces, being backed against the fence, and ALSo being without a parking permit. yeah that was really not shocking.

heres cool things that everyone already knows abouut:

this is a popsicle. i want to eat it.

i want to live here.

these people dress kul and do kul things.
good night.

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