Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bitter glitter land.

Ever have those days where everything around you is pleasant? Like, today was probably technically an unpleasant day; I overdrafted and had to pay the bank 70 dollars, I was at school for five hours with basically nothing to do. My friends are all sad and mad. I have a headache. And I still have two papers to write. But somehow everything going on around me is enjoyable. My jamba juice was the perfect ratios of frozen to liquid and smoothie to granola. My peach rings, provided by saychelle, were the best ive ever had. My dresser is more aesthetically pleasing than usual. It smells nice. My friends are cuter than ever. Water tastes good. Every song that comes on is bringing up very nice memories. And all I can think about is all the exciting things coming up soon, namely: modest mouse for free, getting out of Rexburg, the warm weather, watching large, patriotic Americans enjoy dyed, packaged fire and going to Denver for seven weeks to do nothing but read, write, thrift and ride my bike around. Mmmmm. If life can be explained away by hormones, I am going to be unhappy.


stumbling upon this was fate telling us that our documenary needs to begin.

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