Tuesday, March 29, 2011

many being one.

i realize that i kind of say that every day is the best day ever, but i think today may have been another best day ever. i slept in until 1, which distresses me. kortney and i got candy and tacos and then drove on our bikes to the nature park. it wasnt very natural, but i quite enjoyed it. Then we sat in the grass and talked about rock stuff (do we ever sound gay). the wind was blowing pefectly hard and the sun was kind of burning me, but not as bad as usual. We ate reese's sticks.
we came home, made pasta and painted. well i painted an unfortunate sunset then just watched in awe as korney painted real things with real colors. i find watching people do things they are good at to be endlessly entertaining, kind of no matter what it is. then i read some out of a book that i borrowed, lost, bought, returned and reborrowed from adam. Then we went on a long pointless drive and listened to music. then read some more.
also somewhere in the middle of this i discovered a designer i am in love with. She is Australian and her name is Karla Spetic. Im not going to say that i get bored with pastels, but i can see how some do. and her collection, dreamer, kind of unbores pastels with harsher contrasts, sharper draping and black accents.

still no class tomorrow

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