Tuesday, March 29, 2011

nothing looks silly.

that is untrue.
(no relevance.)

i juuuuust feel like words written on blogs should be called blognarsh. no further explaination. and NO. i do not know how to spell explaination. explanation? and i do NOT have a Macintosh that spell checks everything i write. and i do NOT feel like looking it up on the Interweb because i look up words too often and it is no longer amusing. I have a feeling it is explanation. if this is true, then that is stupid, and im changing it to explaination. AAAAaaaand yes. i call myself a copyeditor and i do not know how to spell. guess what? i dont care. i also dont use apostraphes. DONT CARE.

just looked it up, damnit. it is explanation. eff. now its (it is minus the apostrophe) explaination.

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