Tuesday, March 29, 2011

youre not all that.

I AM going there.

I dont know if people were ready to go there. but i have been ready since my eighth birthday, when i received yellow biker shorts, and was barely able to wear them due to school effing uniforms. SO bike shorts have been spotted around the runways the last few spring seasons, but it seems like people have been looking at them with a question mark in their head. I am completely ready for THEM to wipe those stupid looks off their faces and start incorporating bike shorts into their everyday wear. straight up back to the eighties. I plan to wear them under dresses, shorts, skirts, overalls, and even a baggy teeshirt. yes, i will be wearing these everyday, and no i dont care which parts of my body people will be able to see all too clearly. good luck running into me in rexburg.

DKNY spring 2010

House of Holland

Givenchy rst 2009

Louis Vuitton spring 2010. pleaseANDthankyou. need i comment on the hair?

Wildfox Couture at Urban.

Point IS, I done gone there. and bought four pairs from ebay. the other point is: KORTNEY I MISS YOU AND IM DYING WITHOUT YOU. aaand goodnight.

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