Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mon get hurt.

Some might call it obsessive compulsivity, or just good stalking ability, but i call it FATE. SEER EE US LEE. I dont think i can freak out enOUGH. on this post right now. Sooo, i was driving home from work when i thought 'i am DYING to go to value village' (my favorite thrift store in north atlanta). then i thought 'noooo im tired and hungry and i need to pee.' Then it came time to either turn left onto Mansell road toward home or continue straight to value village. I got in the LEFT TURN LANE when the GREEN ARROW TURNED RED! Ew. i then swerved back in the main lane and continued straight to VV. FATE. best impatient act of ALL TIME. because i seriously got thee coolest stuff EVER. it is unreal. Including, but not limited to four hats, tiny clip on neck tie, barbara streisand superman vinyl, purple silk mini skirt, missionary dress, faux fur cape, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a gold/sunshine yellow, shiny, strechy, modddd, long sleeve, turtle neck, 60s, authentic, vintage swing dress. this is the best thrift store find i have ever made (and i have closets upon closets upon stacks upon storage units upon boxes and BOXES of this shiz). So anyways, though i am a woman of words, i am just NOT doing this dress justice, so i will take a picture once its not pitch black and my camera is not dead (the morning).

I am very tired. good night.

This is what Im thinking about right now:

you gee kay - SPRING. duh.

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