Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tiiny stars.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that will use the phrase “there are two kinds of blahblahblahs in this world” (college students, idiots, people who don’t shower) and those that would never be so naïve (or pretentious).

I am usually the latter due to the phrase's unpleasant diction (not because i am knowing or unpretentious).

However, I swear only two kinds of artists exist in this world: people trying very hard to be artists and those who are normular, artistic humans. So, artists do or make beautiful, artistic things. people trying very hard to be artists do original, beautiful, creative things in order to build a resume so they can eventually deliver mediocre shi to mediocre-shi deliverers.

Normular, artistic humans just create original, beautiful things by virtue of being artistic. In their spare time, they may deliver mediocre shi to mediocre-shi deliverers in order to not starve.

I really have no commentary on this observation other than the fact that puzzling realities like this are starting to confuse me. I mean, which one is better? Either way, beautiful art and mediocre, mass-mediatic art for Buckle-wearers will be produced. Is one really better than the other? Does motivation actually mean something?

If you are a philosopher or a murderer, then probably yes. But most of us are neither. So does it really matter? And either way, who cares because the majority of people are buckle-wearers anyway.

(i dont like using the word 'matter' in this way. i prefer it describe some arrangement of existence.)

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