Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The time of the cape.

Moschino Prefall 2011.

i dont want to speak to anyone that smells like mozzerella sticks.
cutting down a million music to fit into a four gigabite ipod is getting old.
i only want to eat grapefruit.
oh. except i miss cookies.
and blue stuff.
kara reminded me of blue stuff.
i am the only one that knows about the things.
the things are high.
i miss the two towers.
grey swan.
my mother is coming to visit murray tomorrow.
she will purchase mangoes for me.
no where on the earth has special yogurt.
i hope taylor and trevor go to hell for not being in murray.
if your steak is not cooked medium rare, get over it, blood-loving freak.
abigail is not a name that i like.
just kidding. it is.
"hipsters are more adept at making fun of hipsters than other people."


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