Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sweet pea.

So. officially. kortney and i are moved in. not to the same apartment, but might as well be. None the less, it was a long trip from georgia back to school. and apparently blogging gets bumped off the to do list when school and stalking and having a life begins. who would have guessed. Well we do have some cool crafting/styling projects coming up soon. which we shall be documenting. together finally. until then (my favorite blogging phrase) here are some people that i am fawning over

This boy. (mick jagger)

his daughter (georgia may jagger)

this girl.

this girl.

this boy. (pete doherty)

this family. (dont even make me say).

this trashcan. (modcloth)

and most especially - this boy. sheldon cooper. my soul mate. from big bang theory.

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