Tuesday, March 29, 2011

pretty pie.

So i have a new obsession with hats. By new obsession, i mean old obsession. I have been obsessed with hats for forever. i just neverrr ever wear them (except on hat day). I think they are so cool and so pretty and i LOVE them. I just never leave the house with one actually on. Lately, every time i go to a thrift store, i end up getting at least one hat. I then take them home, try them on, look at them, hang them on my wall, stack them up, etcetera. All of these activities are creepy, so i think its time to begin wearing them. Sometime i will take some pictures of my new hats. In the meantime:
SICK hats, that i want to marry.

felipe oliveira baptista spring '09. still so in love with this one.

Tina Aumont

pretty obvi that book head is the best one.

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