Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i like the way you brush your hair.

So i now have two jobs. When im not working at the pga store, i am the receptionist at my dad's office. All i have to say about this, is that working is killing my soul. It is making me sleep. Talking to people is making my thoughts normal and boring. It is making me not go on the internet to find cool shiz. Fake smiling at rich golfers ALL DAY makes me want to throw up (by all day i mean three to five hours two to three days a week). It is making me schedule my time properly, which i suck at, so i just rush around like satan. It is trying to make me responsible. i have only made 148 dollars. Worst of all, it sucks. ha. On top of that, i have been craving an effing cookie for THREE MONTHS. Luckily, i dont care, because in a few short weeks, i will be back at school. Where i can craft, sit, eat pizza in the cafeteria, play with my lovers, wear animal ears, force people to play games with me, swim in my/alex's/brooke's dresser, and sleep on the wrong side of my room. Also, you know how i say i only have the muscles required for walking? It is entirely TRUUEE. At the pga store, i have to stand the whole time. And yea, i dont even have the muscles needed to stand, because my back is now broken.

Speaking of animal ears, how did i KNOW this was going to happen?

A little over a year ago, i saw a model wearing giant mickey mouse ears. A month after that i saw one wearing a bunny mask. And i thought to myself, holy crap, people are going to FREAK about this. Which they are. And so am i. Trying to look like animals, ew, but somehow i still like it.

Madonna, duh.


These are the ones i want, from nasty gal. oookay good night. one twenty is now late for me - back to being a grandma.

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