Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i wish i had cheetah print hair.

This is why i love gap teeth - So just love me for who I am.

Seriously, my kids will never have braces. And when i get dentures (which i inevitably will because of my candy-related eating habbits) i will get them to make ones with built in gaps. This is not a joke. So anyways, tomorrow i plan to do some serious thrifting. So i will have much more to blog about soon. I will actually have to wake up at a reasonable hour because i have a drug test at eleven. So while i am out, i plan to go to a few Goodwill's and look for shoes, things to paint over, something out of which to make curtains, and lace. So that should be fuuuun. Not as fun as getting yelled at in Madrid, but still. LOVE YOU KORTNEY and all the other nonexistant unicorns that read our blog. ha goodnight.

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