Tuesday, March 29, 2011

beat it

Oh how i wish i were in MADRID. Kortney, bring me here. So, I have not yet ventured too far into the world of crafting. But i really want to! I have been looking for a job and applied at literally 50 places. It is getting sad and pathetic that i have only heard back from a bikini store. However, on the less pathetic side, i discovered that my mom had a panini press, so i made an amazing panini today. Well it was exactly the same as Great Harvest. Ham, Pesto, Havarti, Red peppers, Tomato, and Cucumber. I know you're jealous Kortney, except i'm assuming that spanish food is amazing (other than whatever effects its having on your ibs. Sorry for publishing that. Good thing we're our only followers.) Also, i am currently raising my hand for myself to go to spain. Seriously. Emailing e'er one of those families. Lucky for me in the meantime, i still have thirty rock, stalking european families, and of course lurking on french google. This is getting boring. So here are other cool things i found todaaay. More fluffy blondes.

Aaaand good night.

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