Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hmnyeah you will.

no blogging because i am too busy sleeping till 12 with kristian, doing logic homework, working (pah), and most imortantly, reading dune. dune is almost finished. good and bad. good because it is SO GOOD. good because i will be able to move on with my life. good because i will be able to start my next book which i have been waiting foreverrr for. yeah it appears as though it is only good.

In other news, i miss kortney. i cannnnot wait to move somewhere and reunite. to where, we do not yet know. either salt lake or sherman will do. hot tub or trash cans. southern people or anarchists. tree desert or smog desert. Walt and friends or my grandparents. Christians medical office or human factories. nothing or nothing. they all sound good.

here are asians at tokyo fashion week, being goood.

Sunao Kuwahara Spring 2011

heaven knows i like clothing that makes you look wide. NOT sarcastic, i do.

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