Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes kortney, dead is considered vintage. so remove those beautiful dead-person doilies and add them to our home collection so we can have a more vintage feel.

Kristin and i ate chicken for dinner. a whole chicken. and jamba juice. and a pumpkin sweater.

Ever listen to Frigora? ijust did.

My new favorite thing to do is listen to music on shuffle. im sure everyone else discovered this years ago when ipods became silver and thin. but i did not. and i often forget some songs among the 30 gigabites on my computer. is that a lot? probably not a lot enough.

my favorite color is yellow

i like special yogurt

my pEllows hurt my neck. i wonder if this is because they cost three dollars from walmart or because i damaged my spine.

apparently more people say melk than just me

two days ago we spray painted. in our room. our membranes turned blue. my fish basket turned pink.

impeach my bush? damn, peaches.

i dont like water but i am glad i dont live on arrakis.

my internet has not worked for a million years. tonight it does.

i spend 6-10 hours on campus every day

daniel's puppy died.

a cadillac just drove away from my house.

Kristian and i went to our storage unit to retrieve kortney's painting supplies. we found a dead mouse inside. i said a bad word. then we left. then we sat the paint on an entire backseat full of missing goods from DI.

We retrieved curtains from the di. now rexburg cannot see our bras.

i miss my flamingos when the lights are out.

i miss kortney even when i close my eyes.

i had a dream that a giant spider bat bug was flying toward me in my bed (the bug was flying toward me while i was in my bed and i was dreaming in my bed). as it came toward me i started screaming for kristin and covering my face with blakets. in real life. also in real life, kristin stood up while dreaming and started screaming in real life and turned on the lights. we both woke up in the midst of this. then went back to sleep. then i limped toward kristin and she thought i was a tall white ghost witch. i am.

good night. come to Spori 114 if you ever wanna hang.


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