Tuesday, March 29, 2011

brain on that.

ohhhhh my. august fifteenth. hasnt it almost just been about a month since our last blog? Well kortney has been hastling me for quite some time to blog even though she KNOWS i haven't had internet for EVER until this past week. So it's a miracle that i can internet now. and this blog post is for kortney's blood-thirsty soul.

Kristin and I have been attempting to nail our large amount of beautiful shiz into our walls today. Turns out our walls are not only slanted and are kind of like ceilings, but are also PLASTIC. ever nailed stuff into plastic? YAAaap. Nat don work. Anyway, me and kristin were stranded here because both of our cars have broken. and while everything in the city is within walking distance and everything in the state is within biking distance, we're just not cut out for that. I mean, sure we'll bike around all day for our entertainment, but once it's a necessity, it's just not for us.

Also tonight we retreived some fascinating things from DI, including but not limited to, a red step stool (to match kortney's red desk), a wooden candlestick holder, more mirror, a giant wooden thingy to be painted, some pictures, some thing things, a book about tornadoes, a book about a monkey and a moon journal for kristian. DI is not open on sunday? weird.

i hope this satiFont sizesfies your deeply disturbing longing for me, kertney. more will come. i hope ELi is reading this and preparing for his job. because i love him.

Kristian is rubbing lotion on unnatural places.
Oh. this is my hero.

and by hero i mean future lover if i'm lucky.

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