Friday, August 10, 2012


sometimes different places are different, and i don't like it. moscow?

greek food is here.
red desk holds my t.v.
a&w right across the street.
soaps surround me.
salvation army.
neighbors below us watch 24. warms my heart.
my purse at goodwill.
large, larger closet.
winco = pine nuts and sour belts.
dishwasher works.

no ice cream.
subsidized housing = crazies all around me = have to lock things = miss rexburg.
rue 21.
sometimes water is brown.
sink splashes everywhere.
no alyssa. no one is small enough.
hills? guess i can't walk things.
children used to live in my house and spilled stuff on things.
scary woman cop.
no rexburg rapids.
scooter dude bros allowed to live in one big house and amplify their scood bros.
warmth. everywhere.
people in shorts and coffee. without me.
stairs outside need ultra pressure wash. 

Anywaysss i don't know just stuff.

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Lindsey said...

:( sorry boo--I haven't gotten to my new place yet but I'm pretty sure I'll feel the same :( just merr