Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Every time i approach the end of a semester, i am suprised at the amount of things i did not do during the actual semester. i am always puzzled by my inaction, yet i never even attempt to change. as a result, i have so much shiiit to do this week that i can barely breathe. It is especially difficult to do aforementioned shit when all i really want to do is read, sweep mines and play with my ducklings. o0h well. i guess this is just how this week has always gone and will always go.

and yes,
Jason Wu
Pre Fall 2011

i am sincerely freaking out about this. THIS, specificially: the above picture.


Seriously, what a pretty robot. Please note that there are two models displaying his entire collection. Please note that the above photographs, my favorites, are mostly of caucasian, brown-haired, robot girl. I think i mostly like ths collecion because it is on her. She is making everything look perfect and robotic. Exactly how i like it. Her name is Julia Saner (Ford models). Seeing this collection and becoming obsessed with yulia made me investigate her further.

She is from Switzerland. She won the Elite Look modeling contest in 2009 when she was 17, which will make her 19 on Feb. 19.

Now everyone is obsessed with her, as are we. The only things that worry me are that she likes coldplay, her favorite colors are red and green, and her motto is, "don't worry; be happy." Yes, lets just ignore those things and like her for now.

Yulia's street style:

(eh, could be improved.)

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