Tuesday, March 29, 2011

rock is dirty.

I have a thing where I am mediocre (at best) at everything I enjoy (not melodramatic). I like musical things, art things, paint things, photography things, craft things, waking up early things, being productive things, exercising things, eating things, sitting things, etc. And as previously mentioned, I am less than talented at most of these things. I don’t know if it is better or worse that I constantly look at the products of people who are talented in these areas.

Also I don’t care if it is better or worse. Sure I am more often reminded of my sad state but at least get to take part in them AT ALL. Whatevs. Dumb thinking. Anyway, I am relishing in the good and bad of this syndrome especially this month, this fashion month. Too many things I love. Freaking about too many things. Gnar things.

One of the things:

Stevan Alan Fall 2011

I dont know why i like this even though it looks like something American Eagle could make. Sorry. I guess American Eagle is just whats cool these days. But really, I like it.

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