Tuesday, March 29, 2011

one tomato.

blogging feels impossible. because it is.


i just texted that word to pencil. i did not know how to spell it. i first spelled it "sadening." aaand look. i typed it on this macintosh which spell corrected it for me. (it also corrected "corrected.") this is becoming very pathetic.

ANyway, blogging is impossible because i left my computer at my aunts house in salt lake city. so no pictures or anything awesome from my personal computer are available. Also impossible because my dads large and rather nice macintosh lap top is breaking.

Whenever i look at my blog, or most others, Safari quits immediately (there goes the red underline again).

When i asked my father about this problem, he said, "It's because your mom threw it across the room like 10 times."


No sarcasm, my mother is nice. that was shocking.

I said, "whaaat do you mean?!"

He said that she was sitting using the computer; a bug crawled on the lap top; she screamed and threw it across the room. Apparently this happened multiple times along with some other incidents that ended with this 17" silver brick on the floor, yards away from my mother.

And it is now deteriorating. in fact (the red line is telling me "in fact" is two words, which displeases me), there is a crack in the frame of the screen. Also it no longer has any whatever stuff that was making the top part of the lap "top" not constantly fall backwards.

It now constantly falls backwards.

i just finished watching "Eclipse," which i had never seen.

yesterday i discovered "Hoarders." i subsequently watched the funniest piece of television in history.

i went to the Atlanta aquarium. things like this turn me into a happy, curious 5 year old.

my face and feet were numb from walking downtown.

my family of carnivores/vegetarians/bratty whores finally decided on a 24" pizza that would suit us all. forty-five minutes after we ordered, our waitress told us our toppings were no longer available. we left.

trying new places proved to be bad. we went to a mexican place near our house. i got what i always get, a disturbingly large bowl of chicken and rice soup.

my life is so boring, why dont i answer phone calls.

tomorrow i am going to every thrift store.

i want to ride a bicycle.

no melodic allusions, please.

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