Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oh what fresh hell is this?

UHHHmm. HO my gosh. I seriously just made the most amazing discovery of my young life. Well, of course we are in love and obsessed with vintage lace so get ready to pee. I was rummaging through my grandma's things and found a huge box of vintage lace - made by my freaking ancestors. There were like a million pieces, all marked with the name of my relative and the date of when they made them. So sick im dying. Seriously. Lace trim, hats, doilies, aprons, table runners, gloves, a skirt, and random scraps. I think it is time to take this box to my grandmother and have her tell me all about it and hopefully teach me how do make lace. She is a truly scary and mean person, but i think it will be worth it. Unfortunately I did not take the time to figure out the camera and take some pictures of this amazing discovery. So here is some other lace stuff, just to make you cry yourself to sleep.

Alright, well i love everyone who reads this blog, Kortney. LATER.

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