Tuesday, March 29, 2011

iLL i am.

today, oh what a funny day. actually it really wasnt particularly funny, i dont even know why i said that. my day was relatively fun and it was also stuff. It was my little brothers birthday so we got to do what he wanted to do. which consisted of eating dinner at a crappy taco place, who's meat had far too much fatty weirdness, going to urban outfitters and getting him some new clothes (not even looking at the girls side), going to atlantic station, eating icecream, walking around, looking at asian's handmade jewelry, and seeing clash of the titans (quite an unpleasant movie). so yeah, it was a nice night, though i could have enjoyed a different movie.

visiting downtown atlanta is always stylistically interesting (uhm not in a good way). well at lenox and little five points, there are the best dressed shoe heads etc. but atlantic station, where the rich people gather, is unpleasant to say the least. so many women wearing the wrong length of boot cut jeans over high heels with an ill fitting (by ill fitting, i mean too small in the boob area) purple silky top. and men in the blue and white striped oxfords with a tattoo graphic print overlay. No, it's really not that bad, im sure there are well dressed people in atlanta, today must just have been a bad day. but all i could think about was that there should be a facehunter in atlanta that takes pictures of all the woefully clad.

anyway, this is my new OBSESSion. like OBSESSED.

UNIQUE fall 2010

Some parts of the show were a little more questionable than others.
love the bag and the coat. um and the face?
yeah this will never happen for me.

it kind of annoys me that i am forced to be obsessed with fall clothes before i have even worn summer clothes. nonetheless, i completely LOVE THis. especially the monochromatic looks. also, why am i suddenly so fo0nd of looking like animals? unnatural.

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