Tuesday, March 29, 2011

his stacked heels fool no one.

Oh Kortney, it is so good to see you rejoining the blog along with like 20 other people. This is now the party blog, so PARTY, HO. In other news, I am starting to think that I have faaar too much free time. My thoughts are getting weirder and weirder. And we all know they were weird as hell to begin with. All the phrases and random shiz that pops into my head are making me think that I am Creed; My thoughts have officially become too shocking for the internet. To give you an idea, I am currently writing this, a rough draft of my blog entry, on a 14 page document of random words, phrases, sentences, jokes, paragraphs about nothing, song lyrics, poems, quotations, and artists, blogs, movies, designers and photographers that I plan to look up. Here are a few mild examples so you can begin to understand and be afraid.

1) “We cant sneak in, because I’m wearing my squeaky shoes.” (this has absolutely nothing to do with anything)

2) “Collin coco Willardson is an evil dictator.” ( that is from mean girls and I don’t even think that collin is a dictator, yet somehow I ended up writing that down)

3) “Flared pants make me want to cry.” (well, this one’s true, but what e’er.)

I think of it as a secret alien journal. I plan to return it to the mothership some day. Im probably going to regret this post tomorrow after work, once i have spoken to humans again. Anyways, i am currently wishing i were in an all girl hair metal band.

Holy hell it is five thirty eight am.

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