Tuesday, March 29, 2011

great, now im afraid of bunnies.

So last night i stayed out until 5am. I fell asleep at around 545am. I woke up at 7am and arrived at work at 745am. I was then greeted by my angry new boss who began getting mad at me that i was scheduled to open the store, because i dont know how. Then the person whose shift i was supposed to be covering showed up, informing me that i was taking their shift NEXT Saturday at 8am. KILL ME. That was a complete tangent because the real problem is that i then went home and watched the creepiest movie of all time. It’s called 'Alice'. Made in 1988. There were little to no words, an incredibly scary, talking, claymation bunny, and the main character, Alice, repeatedly turned into a doll as she wandered through the creepiest wonderland i have yet seen. However, the cinematography was amazing and some of the shots made me want to cry because they were so pretty. And while Alice, over all, freaked the hell out of me, it also made me look forward to the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland in March.

Cute Alice

alice entering wonderland

scary alice

doll alice

effing bunny. that has now ruined my life.

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