Tuesday, March 29, 2011

button factory.

So apparently i no longer write a blog. i'd liike to think it's because im so busy, but that's not real. i sat at a park today for nearly eight hours. pretty sure i had some free time there. none the less, it was the best day ever. i rode a bike after not doing so for three years. a purple sparkley bike. It was so fun that i was physically unable to get off and forced alex to ride around with me for HOURS. i was obsessed with it and am now insisting i receive a sick sweet tubular gnar gnar fixedtronic bicycle for my birthday. in addition to riding saychelle's bike, i sunburned ninety percent of my body, discluding half of my thighs covered by biker shorts (oh weird that i actually rode a bike today how fun and utterly unplanned), an interestingly shaped apple on my wrist from my hello kitty watch and half of my face because i fell asleep sideways. OH that wasnt one of the fun things.

i also sipped on a sprite, which i like to do during the summer. Brown drinks are like the ugliest dirtiest winter drinks of all time. I also talked to my favorite people ever, slept (sideways), looked at flowers and trees and green things, ate a smoothie, took a million advils, saw the largest blackhead of my life, skipped class, ate pizza, ate a hamburger, ate frozen yogurt, dang. now i am sitting in my room. my skin is falling off. it smells weird like aloe vera, my pineapple candle and kind of just burn. freaky. oh and when i went to light my candle, i discovered a sticky popsicle stick stuck to my dresser by KRISTIN. those damn dirty twins.

Now on to more important things. sand friend cisco. so i think it's two weeks ago now that we were in san francisco dodging hobos and jumping out of trashcans. Well basically, a LOT happened that weekend. i feel kind of similar to an idiot for not writing it down, but i will just recount the most important part. Saturday. Golden gate park. It was sunny, but freezing (it was probably normal, i just have no muscles to warm me). i can scarcely put into words what we saw that day. All i will say is

I am the king of asphalt golf.
the ball is mine
the grass is mine
the hole is mine
the club is mine
the asphalt is mine
the flag is mine
no pictures
legalize marijuana
more funny things
the words of this man:


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