Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Incase you were wondering, i did in fact stay up until eight in the morning on friday. That action did in fact confuse my sleeping for the rest of the weekend. And i did in fact wake up at five thirty this morning to do homework. and i have in fact been not-sitting nonstop since then. Somehow during this time, i got my hair made blonde and short. It has been a long time coming and it is such a miracle. Not that it looks any different than always, but the hair cutter always makes it quite a bit fluffier than i am able.

In other news, Decades. in salt lake city. The most beautiful depth and breadth of clothing i have seen since denver. Kind of makes me want to forsake my pursuance of a career and just go back to denver and look at pretty things all day until someone older than me dies and i inherit them. Anyways, kristian and i will snap a few photographs of our idiotic yet amazing expenditures in the coming days.

In even better news, park city was beautiful. i amost had a heart attack of relaxation and enjoyment. yellow leaves. warm. cool. large mountains that looked small. people that i like. breeze. walking. twin shower (i think me and kristin are twins now). pizza. woods. games. moon. jews. nothing better in this world.

these are cats. well deserved.

These are the work of Shona Heath. She is an amazing artist, most well known for her set designs. Kind of hard to analyze things that you think are perfect. If not for her, clothing pictures would be floor, wall and person. actually that doesn't sound half bad.

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