Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today is february 16. Two days ago i was at work and asked, "what's the date today?" also two days ago, kortney and i attempted to spend our valentimes night at deseret industries. They closed early. We found ourselves at the downtown DI in our pajamas. Then decided since we were already down there we should continue our night in our sleep attire.

We shopped in uggs, flare sweatpants, flip flops and ponytails. We considered going to a very nice resaurant in said get up but resorted to a french pastry shop. When we arrived, they had closed the kitchen and stopped serving actual food. We asked our waitress if she would bring some for us anyway.

She was perfect, so she did so. She also didnt charge us for our dinners. Turns out waitress-comradarie is strong, and i am glad to be a part of it. I would be more glad if i was not a waitress and just told people i was. Or maybe she thought we were hobos because we kept saying (in our pajamas), "were just reaaaallly hungry. Is there ANyway we can get some food?" pathetic. and good. i like pink flowers.

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