Tuesday, March 29, 2011

be boring

Yesterday i thought of something that i had never thought before. then i couldnt stop thinking of how weird it was that i had never thought of it before. and also how stupid it was because it was so stupid.

Last night, taylor and i entered the Eliza R. Snow Performing Arts Building to watch alex sing opera. when we first entered, i had to pee very badly. I went into the first bathroom by the recital hall.

It looked weird.

It was bright yellow.

And small.

And it just reminded me of broccoli.

I thought, "This is the weirdest bathroom. i am glad that i have never been in it before."

Then i thought, "i bet alex uses this bathroom like three times a week. FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS."

Then i thought of all the bathrooms in the WORLD that i have never been to that people use everyday. Someone, probably tons of ones, have a favorite bathroom that i dont even know exists.

Then i thought of my favorite bathroom on the third floor of the Smith Building where i used to sleep on the couch during french every day when i had a broken pelvis.

Then i thought of the girl yesterday who said she had only been to the Smith Building TWICE. There is no way she has been in the bathroom on the third floor.

Anyway. There are so many bathrooms in the world that i dont even know exist. And i will probably be thinking about this all the time now. i dont want to think about bathooms.

Have a good day. I miss kortney. i want to wake her up. and i want her to wake me up. I am going to teach my editing class about conjuntions today, how byu-idaho of me.

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